Dominican Republic real estate market overview

Dominican Republic real estate market overview

Investing in real estate in the Dominican Republic is a profitable investment of your funds. Many properties on the territory of residential complexes are exempted from paying annual real estate taxes. Today, due to the coronavirus pandemic, property prices are noticeably inferior to those they were half a year ago. But this is a temporary phenomenon! There was a freeze on the real estate market, sales just stopped, like in any other industry.

Over the past 10 years, experts have noted that in our region, due to the high rates of development, real estate prices are growing by about 10% per year. At the moment, the Government of the Dominican Republic is interested in attracting investment by foreign citizens and is making every effort to ensure that investors remain confident in their investments and have guarantees in the acquisition of real estate. The director of the land registration committee guarantees in his statements that all transactions and re-registrations are controlled personally by him and guarantees for the provision of information regarding registration documents are borne by this committee on land issues.

During the period of living in this country for more than 20 years, I traveled around the entire island and saw many picturesque places that, in my opinion, are worthy of everyone's attention.

There are seven in the Dominican Republic !!! climatic zones and climate can be matched to almost any person. I often remember how, before moving to the Dominican Republic, I had allergies and colds several times a month, here I forgot about it.

Real estate prices in the Dominican Republic are different, it all depends on the area and the distance to the sea. For example: in the residential complex Las Cayenas, five kilometers from the coastline (and there are many similar projects), the cost of a one-bedroom apartment with a living room combined with a kitchen starts at $ 30,000 and the first stage of construction has already been completed and sold out. The developer is now starting the second phase and is putting new apartments up for sale.

In Projects on the first line of the ocean, for example Playa Coral (construction completed), the cost of a one-bedroom apartment with a living room combined with a kitchen starts at $ 200,000.

Our famous and very popular Cocotal residential complex is a pleasant green and well thought out area. Reliable security allows you to feel safe at any time of the day and let your children go for a walk or ride a bike without fear or hesitation. By the way, all residential complexes in the Dominican Republic are reliably guarded by private security companies. In the Cocotal residence, you can buy a small villa at a price of $ 500,000, and the cost of a 2-room apartment starts at $ 150,000, but I want to remind you again that it all depends on the size, location and distance to the sea.

Villas at Punta Cana Resort & Golf start at $ 900,000. The owners of Punta Cana International Airport live here, including Mr. Julio Iglessias, who is one of the airport's shareholders. The area is located just 5 minutes from the airport on the first line of the Atlantic Ocean and is especially convenient for those whose work is connected with the airport.

Just behind the Punta Cana district begins another large residence and golf club - Cap Cana. Previously, this entire project belonged to Donald Trump, but at some point Trump withdrew from the project and now he only has a small part of the land in this residential complex.

On the Caribbean coast near La Romana airport there is a wonderful place Casa de Campo, translated into Russian - House in the village, but everyone calls this place - the City of Millionaires. This is a VIP level residential complex with the largest and most convenient Marina for yachts and boats, the National supermarket - the best food store in the Dominican Republic, designer Golf courses. The famous city of artists Altos de Chavon was built on the territory in the Italian style of the 16th century. Prices for villas in this area start at $ 1,000,000.

Our new interesting investment project is Seiba Park. It is located an hour and a half from Punta Cana Airport in the Miches region. In 2022, it is planned to build another international airport here, as in the high season the Punta Cana airport cannot cope with the volume of arriving tourists. In this region, just 9 km to the right of our project, the hotel of the famous European network Club Med is already receiving tourists; its opening took place in November last year.

Ceiba Park has the most picturesque nature, the jungle overlooks the one and a half-kilometer beach of the Atlantic Ocean, a river flows through the project territory, there are plans to build a yacht pier at the confluence of the river and the ocean. From October 2020, the sale of plots from 1000 m2 on the most remote line from the sea will begin, the cost of m2 starts from $ 50. The cost of plots on the first line from the sea starts from $ 250 m2, the sizes of plots from 3000 m2 plus 20 meters of coastline. Reservation of plots is already open on the website .

Until November 1, there is a special offer for this project: if the booking is paid before November 1, 2020 in the amount of $ 1000, the final amount of the transaction will be calculated taking into account the compensation for the cost of your two air tickets in economy class from Russia to Punta Cana and back for the period of the transaction, the amount calculated according to the provided payment document. For the duration of the transaction, accommodation on the Project site and transfer from Punta Cana Airport to the Project are provided free of charge. Do not miss !

All projects offered by us for sale are checked in the land registration chamber and have all the proper documents.

We have a lot of objects, there are under construction, there are just finished, there is a secondary property, which is only growing in price. My personal experience and many years of work experience show that fluency in Spanish, knowledge of the local metal and better negotiation with property owners and developers help to achieve better results in real estate purchase transactions. It is this set of services that we are ready to offer you!

To provide information on any objects and registration of a sale and purchase transaction, please contact our company and our specialists will provide complete information.

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